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2001 World Synchronized Skating Championships

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1Team Sweden 1 SWE1.511
2Team Finland 1 FIN4.042
3Team Canada 1 CAN4.023
4Team Finland 2 FIN5.534
5Team U.S.A 1 USA7.555
6Team Canada 2 CAN9.066
7Team Germany 1 GER10.577
8Team Russia RUS12.598
9Team U.S.A 2 USA13.089
10Team Japan JPN15.51110
11Team Italy ITA16.01011
12Team France FRA18.01212
13Team Czech Republic CZE19.51313
14Team Switzerland SUI21.01414
15Team Sweden 2 SWE22.51515
16Team Germany 2 GER24.01616
17Team Great Britain GBR25.51717
18Team Estonia EST28.02018
19Team Australia AUS28.01819
20Team Hungary HUN29.51920
21Team South Africa RSA31.52121

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