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Short Track Speed Skating World Cup 2000/2001

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Rankings and Results

1. World Cup Competitions

For the season 2000/2001 the ISU has designated the following Competitions as "World Cup Competitions":

        Place                   Country                 Date

        Calgary                 Canada                  October 20-22, 2000
        Salt Lake City (Provo)  USA                     October 27-29, 2000
        Nobeyama                Japan                   December 1-3, 2000
        Changchun               China                   December 8-10, 2000
        Trnava                  Slovak Republic         January 26-28, 2001
        Graz                    Austria                 February 2-4, 2001

Organizers of these competitions are required to observe the conditions of the 2000 ISU Regulations.

2. Conditions

a) All competitions are held according to Rule 288

b) All competitions shall be open to all ISU Members.

c) The competitions will have a single distance character.

d) A classification over each distance will be made.

e) Expenses may be paid to skaters and Officials in accordance with the ISU General Regulations, Rule 137, paragraph 6 & 10 with details to be stated in the respective announcement.

f) Organizers are obliged to forward complete results of all races and all classifications in a digital form in a common format provided by the ISU immediately after the conclusion of the last race to:

     Mr. Fredi Schmid   General Secretary, International Skating Union
                        Fax     +41/21 612 66 77

g) Doping tests will be made at each competition in accordance with ISU Rule 139 and the valid ISU Doping Communication.

h) The ISU Technical Committee will assign a Representative according to Rule 289.

3. Distances

Individual      500, 1000, 1500, 3000 meters Ladies and Men
Relay           3000 meters Ladies, 5000 meters Men

4. Entries

a) Entries shall be restricted to a maximum of five (5) skaters per category (Ladies + Men) for each ISU Member at each Competition.

b) Individual entries for 500, 1000 and 1500 meters :
three (3) competitors per distance per category. Any three (3) of the maximum five (5) may skate each distance.

c) Individual entries for 3000 meters :
Only the top 8 final point scorers and ties, who have participated in all distances, 500, 1000 and 1500 meters, are eligible to start the 3000 meters Final.

d) Relay entries: one (1) team of 5 competitors per category

e) Members entering the relay must include those skaters who participated in the individual events.

f) Entries can only be made using the ISU Entry Form for Short Track Speed Skating World Cup.

5. Drawing and progression

The make up of the first qualifying round of each distance shall be based on the current distance ranking following the principles of Rule 283, paragraph 3, of the 2000 ISU Regulations. Progression to subsequent qualifying rounds shall be according to Rule 283, paragraph 3.

6. Program

Each individual distance shall be completed in one day. Relay races may be held on each day of the World Cup competition provided they are held before or after the conclusion of the individual races of that day.

The organizing committee may determine the starting times on each day. Each day's program can be divided in two parts. Semi-finals and finals must be in one part and not separate. When each part (session) starts it will be held without any intermission or breaks other than to resurface the ice or give the athletes rest time according to Rule 282, paragraph 2.

No other Short Track Speed Skating events are allowed in the same facility during the World Cup Competitions.

7. Announcements

Each organizer of the above mentioned World Cup Competitions will send an announcement to all ISU Members specifying:

8. Classifications at each World Cup Competition

a) The following classifications will be made according to Rule 282, paragraph 5 and 6 of the 2000 ISU Regulations :

b) The following classification will be made according to Rule 282, paragraph 5 and 6 of the 2000 ISU Regulations :

c) In addition the following classification will be made:
Team Ranking Ladies / Men
The Team Ranking Ladies / Men will be made by totaling the World Cup points (see paragraph 9 below) of each Members' skaters on the following classifications;

In this Ranking only Members will be listed whose skaters have participated in both Relay and individual distances.

d) The 3 teams having skated the fastest times during any Relay race at a World Cup Competition will be listed separately in the results of the respective competition. This is used only for determining the entry at World Championships.

9. Points scoring

a) The points scoring for each of the above classifications at World Cup Competitions is as follows:

1st     place   25      points
2nd     place   24      points
3rd     place   23      points
4th     place   22      points
until 25th place where 1 point is awarded.

b) Points are awarded only if ranked on the respective classification of that competition. E.g. no points are awarded to skaters of teams that are disqualified in the first qualifying round.

c) In the case of a tie the higher number of ranking points shall be awarded to both skaters/teams, e.g. in the case of a tie for second places the points will be 25,24,24,22,etc.

10. World Cup Classification

a) The following classifications will be recognized by the ISU:

b) The issue of each list will be considered as preliminary only as the results of the best four (4) competitions will be taken. This means that a better performance in World Cup Competitions will result in a previous performance becoming obsolete.

c) All classifications will be published by the ISU on the ISU Home Page as soon as possible after each World Cup Competition. Each Ranking will be listed with a date and a revision-number.

d) After all World Cup Competitions have been held, a Communication with all the classifications will be published.

e) For the World Cup Ranking 500 m, World Cup Ranking 1000 m, the World Cup Ranking 1500 m and the World Cup Ranking Relay only the four (4) best results from these competitions shall be taken into consideration.

f) For the World Cup Team Ranking only four (4) best results from these competitions shall be taken into consideration.

g) In the case of a tie in any World Cup Ranking the highest rank in any of the World Cup Competitions will decide the final order of ranking. If the tie persists, subsequent ranking will be used to determine the order of ranking.

11. Prize Money

The ISU Council has approved providing Prize Money to the athletes starting with the 2000-2001 season as per the schedule below. Prize Money for the Overall Classification at each World Cup Event will be:

   Men                                             Ladies
        1st  place              US$       1000          1st  place              US$       1000
        2nd place               US$        750          2nd place               US$        750
        3rd place               US$        500          3rd place               US$        500
        4th place               US$        400          4th place               US$        400
        5th place               US$        300          5th place               US$        300
        6th place               US$        250          6th place               US$        250
        Total                   US$       3200          Total                   US$       3200

Prize money to be distributed for Final Overall World Ranking, after all World Cup competitions are concluded:

   Men                                                Ladies
        1st  place              US$     4000            1st  place              US$       4000
        2nd place               US$     3000            2nd place               US$       3000
        3rd place               US$     2000            3rd place               US$       2000
        4th place               US$     1500            4th place               US$       1500
        5th place               US$     1250            5th place               US$       1250
        6th place               US$     1000            6th place               US$       1000
        Total                   US$    12750            Total                   US$      12750

12. Event Organizers Support

The ISU Council has agreed to provide organizers with financial support to ensure better quality World Cup events in order to generate greater interest and enhance marketability of the circuit. Organizers will be eligible to receive up to US$ 20,000. When awarded an event the ISU member will receive 25% of the amount and the remaining will be forwarded after completion of the event. The ISU will require the event organizers to ensure an appropriate event organization. Once an organizer successfully completes the event, the other 75% will be made available.

13. Television and Advertising Rights

As the ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup is an ISU Event, the international TV rights and advertising rights belong to the ISU. Consequently, before concluding an agreement in this respect, in particular for medium/long term arrangements, the ISU General Secretary must be consulted.

14. Applications for 2001 through 2003

For the coming seasons the ISU will again designate specific competitions. In order for International Competitions to be designated by the ISU, the organization of the competition must meet all criteria of Rule 288 and those specified in this Communication. It is the desire of the ISU to establish a three-year calendar to ensure optimal marketability.

Organizers who intend to hold International Competitions in the coming seasons are herewith kindly requested to send in writing to the ISU Secretariat, with supporting documentation, their application to hold World Cup Status competitions on the following dates;

Season 2001/2002        September 21-23, 2001           Asia
                        September 28-30, 2001 
                        October 19-21, 2001             North America
                        (October 26-28 Olympic Qlfr)
                        December 7-9, 2001              Europe
                        December 14-16, 2001            

Season 2002/2003        October 18-20, 2002             Oceania/Asia
                        October 25-27, 2002
                        November 29-December 1, 2002    Europe
                        December 6-8, 2002 
                        February 7-9, 2003              North America
                        February 14-16, 2003    

Season 2003/2004        October 17-19, 2003             -
                        October 24-26, 2003 
                        November 28-30, 2003            -
                        December 5-7, 2003  
                        February 6-8, 2004              -
                        February 13-15, 2004    

Members are asked to contact other Members in their area to coordinate their applications.

To give the ISU Members the earliest notice of the conditions for conducting the World Cup Competitions we remind all Members of the following deadlines:

For the 2001/2002 season;

For the 2002/2003 season;

For the 2003/2004 season;

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