Figure Skating Forms

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Ice Dance Referees are reminded that a detailed assessment must be included in the Report of the Referee for Ice Dancing on page 3 for all judges. An assessment must be included for the Substitute Judge as well on pages 2 and 3.

It will not be necessary to send a separate "Judge's Report Form" (now obsolete for Ice Dance) for each judge with this Referees' Report.

For ISU Championships, if a judge is assessed as "Mediocre" or "Poor", the Referee should fill a blank copy of pages 2 & 3 of the Report for that judge only when providing the Judge in question with a copy, and must not show remarks or placings of any other judge on the panel.


The Ice Dance Technical Committee has produced new permanent Marking Sheets for the following:

Click here for a file containing all four of the above forms.

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