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Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final

Dec. 17 - 18, 1999
Gdansk, Poland

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ISU Junior Grand Prix Final 
16. - 19.12.1999, Gdansk / POL

Junior Ice Dancing

Final Result

Pl.	Name					Nation	TFP	CD	OD	FD

1	Natalia ROMANYTA / Daniel BARANTSEV	RUS	2,0	1	1	1
2	Emilie NUSSEAR / Brandon FORSYTH	USA	4,4	3	2	2
3	Kristina KOBALADZE / Oleg VOIKO		UKR	6,2	2	4	3
4	Tanith BELBIN / Benjamin AGOSTO		USA	7,4	4	3	4
5	Flavia OTTAVIANI / Massimo SCALI	ITA	10,4	6	5	5
6	Svetlana KULIKOVA / Arseny MARKOV	RUS	11,6	5	6	6

Junior Ladies

Final Result

Pl.	Name			Nation	TFP	SP	FS

1	Deanna STELLATO		USA	2,5	3	1
2	Jennifer KIRK		USA	3,0	2	2
3	Svetlana BUKAREVA	RUS	4,5	1	4
4	Tamara DOROFEJEV	HUN	6,5	7	3
5	Yukari NAKANO		JPN	8,0	6	5
6	Irina NIKOLAEVA		RUS	8,5	5	6
7	Irina TKATCHUK		RUS	9,0	4	7
8	Marianne DUBUC		CAN	12,0	8	8

Junior Men

Final Result

Pl.	Name			Nation	TFP	SP	FS

1	Song GAO		CHN	1,5	1	1
2	Stefan LINDEMANN	GER	3,0	2	2
3	Fedor ANDREEV		CAN	4,5	3	3
4	Soshi TANAKA		JPN	7,0	4	5
5	Ryan BRADLEY		USA	7,5	7	4
6	Denis BALANDIN		RUS	9,0	6	6
7	Florian JUST		GER	9,0	4	7
8	Cyril BRUN		FRA	12,0	8	8

Junior Pairs

Final Result

Pl.	Name					Nation	TFP	SP	FS

1	Aljona SAVCHENKO / Stanislav MOROZOV	UKR	2,0	2	1
2	Julia SHAPIRO / Alexey SOKOLOV		RUS	2,5	1	2
3	Victoria SHLIAKHOVA / Griorgy PETROVSKY	RUS	4,5	3	3
4	Viktorya SHKLOVER / Valdis MINTALS	EST	6,0	4	4
5	Xiaodan ZHANG / Hao ZHANG		CHN	8,0	6	5
6	Chantal POIRIER / Craig BUNTIN		CAN	8,5	5	6

Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final


Aljona Savchenko and Stanislav Morozov (UKR) took on a thrilling duel contending for first place against Julia Shapiro and Alexey Sokolov (RUS). After the Short Program, the Russians occupied the first position, but in the Free Program, they made several mistakes. Sokolov touched down on the ice on the double axel, positioning the Russians in second. The Ukrainian Pair skated a very clean program, which brought them the victory in the Free Program as well as the gold medal. Their program contained very impressive side by side triple toe, double axel-double toe, triple throw toeloop and many other difficult elements. The other Russian pair Victoria Shliakova and Grigory Petrovsky, who were in third place after the Short Program, kept this position after the Free Program. The couple skated a clean double throw salchow, a side by side triple salchow and a double axle-double toeloop.


Svetlana Bukareva (RUS) skated a very clean Short Program and won the first part of the competition. Unable to hold the pressure in the Free Program the Russian touched down on the ice while performing the triple flip, triple toe and double axel, placing her in third. Deanna Stalleto (USA), third after the Short Program, was able to take this advantage. Stalleto skated a strong Free Program, as she landed clean jumps including a triple lutz-double toe, a triple flip, a double axel-double axel, a triple toe-double toe, a triple lutz and a triple salchow, which won her the gold. Her teammate, Jennifer Kirk, who also accomplished an impressive Free Program, took second place. Kirk placed three high triples and had a very good triple toe-double toe, but missed the double axel in the combination with the triple salchow.


Song Gao (CHN) stayed on top in Gdansk. After a very good Short Program, he won the first part of the competition, followed by Stephan Lindemann (GER) and Fedor Andreev (CAN). The battle in the Free Program was very tight but Gao did not surrender. Although he missed two triples, he had a very good start, doing clean and high triple axel-triple toe and triple lutz-triple toe combinations which got him the gold. In the Short Program, Gao was closely followed by Stefan Lindemann (GER), who landed correctly a triple axel-double toe combination; followed by a triple lutz and triple axel, however, the German Skater missed the triple flip-triple toe combination. Fedor Andreev made several mistakes during his Free Program. He touched down on the triple axel and missed the triple flip and triple toe. Nonetheless the Canadian performed a very good triple lutz, double axel, a combination triple lutz-double toeloop and a triple salchow, taking the bronze medal.


The Dance competition was also very high standard and extremely close-fought throughout, as the top four couples, qualified for the Final, waged an intense battle for the podium. Russia's Natalia Romanyta/ Daniel Barantsev kept the lead and won the Gold. The couple Emilie Nussear/ Brandon Forsyth (USA) moved from fourth place in the rankings and took the silver medal, with the bronze going to the Ukrainian couple Kristina Kobaladze/ Oleg Voiko.

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