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Skate Canada
Kamloops, Canada
Nov. 5 - 8, 1998
Second Event of the Grand Prix Series

The second event in the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, the Sun Life Skate Canada International, concluded in Kamloops on Sunday (results and standings attached).

New names broke through to head the results of the ladies' competition. Japan's 18 year old Fumie Suguri, who missed most of last season with hip injuries, skated an immaculate short program that included a triple lutz/double toeloop combination and a triple flip to earn first place. Second was Elena Liashenko (UKR) who also cleanly performed the same elements but lost out to Suguri in a 7:2 judges' majority. World silver medallist Irina Slutskaya placed third after errors on two jumps.

In the free, Suguri skated first of the top three. She landed five clean triples in an elegant classical program to earn two 5.7s for technical merit and five 5.6s. Liashenko followed, also producing five clean triples in a strongly skated Arabian theme program. Her marks included one 5.8 for presentation and a total of five 5.7s to give her a 6:3 judges' majority over Suguri. Slutskaya attempted the most technically difficult program but she struggled to land jumps and could only manage four clean triples. So the 22 year old Liashenko, ninth at the Olympics, pulled off the biggest win of her career to take the maximum 12 Grand Prix points. Suguri finished second and Slutskaya third.

"I was hoping to win," said a delighted Liashenko. "It was one of my best performances." Suguri was equally happy: "This is a very big competition for me. I just did what I can do."

In the men's competition, Elvis Stojko (CAN) won the short program. This time he did not go for the quad, presenting instead a triple axel/triple toeloop combination and a triple lutz to win first places from all the judges. World bronze medallist Evgeny Plushenko (RUS) did go for the quad but doubled it. He landed a huge triple axel/triple toeloop combination to finish second. Evgeny Pliuta (UKR) went clean with a triple axel, triple flip/double toeloop combination and a triple lutz to take third.

In the free, Stojko was the first of the top three to skate. He opened with a triple flip and then went for the quadruple toeloop, completing the rotation but just two footing the landing. In a big improvement on last week's showing at Skate America, he landed five more triples to win a full set of 5.8s for technical merit and five more for presentation. Pliuta followed but after falling heavily on his opening attempt at a quad lutz, he made several errors to finish seventh in the free and plunge to sixth overall. Plushenko opened with a clean quad/triple toeloop combination, only the fourth to be landed in international competition. He reeled off a further six triples and his trademark Biellmann spins to win seven 5.9s for technical merit and five for presentation. That outstanding performance gave the 16 year old his first Grand Prix victory and his first win over Stojko, the three times world champion. Szabolcs Vidrai (HUN), tenth at the 1998 World Championships, landed seven triples in a career best free progam to move up two places to take third . Stojko now tops the overall rankings with 14 Grand Prix points from his two competitions but he must wait to see if that is enough to qualify for the Final.

"It was the best skating that I ever did," said Plushenko, revealing that he had suffered a serious injury in August, severing a ligament in his right foot and only returning to the ice one month ago. "He skated well today," added coach Alexei Mishin "but his best program will be in the future."

In the pairs' competition, favourites Xue Shen & Hongbo Zhao (CHN) went clean in the short program to take the lead. The sensation were the new Canadian pairing of Jamie Sale & David Pelletier, skating together only since this summer, who finished second ahead of Russia's Maria Petrova (former partner of world champion Anton Sikharulidze) & Alexei Tikhonov. Kristy Sargeant & Kris Wirtz (CAN), second at Skate America, placed fourth.

The Chinese duo, fourth at the World Championships, skated a strong free program but were challenged hard by the Russians, together for only 5 months, who also landed two thrown triples and testing side by side jumps. The Chinese gained victory by a narrow 5:4 majority verdict but this was a non-points scoring event for them. Sale & Pelletier tired at the end of their free, failing to hold a lift and missing a final side by side jump, but placed third to make the podium and beat the other two Canadian pairs.

Shae-Lynn Bourne & Victor Kraatz (CAN) delighted the capacity crowd as they dominated the ice dance competition. For the first time, the world bronze medallists incorporated a trademark hydroblade move into the conclusion of their compulsory dance. Their original dance, choreographed by Torvill & Dean, was set to an Irish ballad and won one 5.9 and eight 5.8s. They turned to contemporary style for their free (also by Torvill & Dean) and earned marks of three 5.9s for presentation and a total of eight 5.8s. Margarita Drobiazko & Povilas Vanagas (LTU) were second and Sylwia Nowak & Sebastian Kolasinski (POL) third.

The next Grand Prix event is the Sparkassen Cup on Ice in Gelsenkirchen, Germany on 12-15 November.

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Grand Prix Series Standings


	                                             Factored   Grand Prix
PLC     SP      FP                                   Placing    Points  
1.      2       1               Elena Liashenko UKR     2.0     12
2.      1       2               Fumie Suguri    JPN     2.5     9
3.      3       3               Irina Slutskaya RUS     4.5     7
4.      5       4               Laetitia Hubert FRA     6.5     5
5.      8       5               Amber Corwin    USA     9.0     4
6.      6       7               Alisa Drei      FIN     10.0    3
7.      4       8               Diana Poth      HUN     10.0    2
8.      9       6               Yulia Vorobieva AZE     10.5    1
9.      7       9               Zuzana Paurova  SVK     12.5    -
10.     10      10              Keyla Ohs       CAN     15.0    -
11.     11      11              Zoe Jones       GRB     16.5    -
1.      2       1               Evgeny Plushenko	RUS     2.0     12 
2.      1       2               Elvis Stojko    	CAN     2.5     9
3.      5       3               Szabolcs Vidrai 	HUN     5.5     7
4.      6       5               Ivan Dinev      	BUL     8.0     5
5.      9       4               Takeshi Honda   	JPN     8.5     4
6.      3       7               Evgeny Pliuta   	UKR     8.5     3
7.      7       6               Jayson Denommee 	CAN     9.5     2
8.      4       9               Jeff Langdon    	CAN     11.0    1
9.      8       8               Michael Hopfes  	GER     12.0    -          
10.     11      10              Markus Leminen  	FIN     15.5    -
11.     10      11              Daniel Hollander        USA     16.0    -
1.      1       1        Xue Shen/Hongbo Zhao    	CHN     1.5     NPS
2.      3       2        Maria Petrova/Alexei Tikhonov  RUS     3.5	9               
3.      2       3        Jamie Sale/David Pelletier     CAN     4.0	7
4.      4       4        Kristy Sargeant/Kris Wirtz     CAN     6.0	5
5.      5       5        M-C Savard-Gagnon/Luc Bradet   CAN     7.5	4               
6.      6       6        Katerina Berankova/Otto Dlabola CZE    9.0	3
7.      7       7        Heather Allebach/Matthew Evers  USA    10.5    -
8.      8       8        M Pouliaschenko/Andrew Seabrook GBR    12.0    -
PLC     CD      OD      FD      
1.      1       1       1       Shae-Lynn Bourne/Victor Kraatz  	CAN     2.0	12
2.      2       2       2       Margarita Drobiazko/Povilas Vanagas 	LTU	4.0     9
3.      3       3       3       Sylwia Nowak/Sebastian Kolasinski   	POL	6.0     7
4.      4       4       4       Elena Grushina/Ruslan Goncharov 	UKR     8.0	5
5.      5       5       5       Albena Denkova/Maxim Staviyski  	BUL  	10.0    4
6.      7       7       6       Olga Sharutenko/Dmitri Naumkin  	RUS    	13.0    3
7.      6       6       7       Isabelle Delobel/Olivier Schoenfelder   FRA	13.0    2
8.      8       8       8       Debbie Koegei/Oleg Fediukov     	USA   	16.0    1
9.      9       9       9       Megan Wing/Aaron Lowe   		CAN     18.0    -
10.     11      11      10      Kornelia Barany/Andras Rosnik   	HUN    	21.0    -
11.     10      10      11      Charlotte Clements/Gary Shortland       GRB	21.0    -
12.     12      12      12      Nozomi Watanabe/Akiyuki Kido    	JPN    	24.0    -

NPS= non points scoring event

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